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Being an expat…

After these 3 photoshoots I thought it was time for something more personal… The number 3 reminds in my head. 3 years ago I was planning my trip to Madrid to catch up Lisa on her flight back to Munich for the proposal. If you want to listen to whole story just come along for a coffee, I just love our story.
During these 3 years in the Netherlands so many things happened and a lot it still to expect in 2014 but living abroad is also facing a lot of questions and the first one is: where is Home?

I have just come back from my small « Tour de France » and I must admit that being in France is always something special. I left France almost 7 years ago for Germany and I don’t regret it (I met Lisa in Munich..ahahaha) but I feel so relax back in France when I walk in the street and just hear people speaking French and see people as tall as I am (I am kind of a dwarf in Holland). I love being in Paris (just for a couple of days and not on a daily basis)

I love discovering cities like Bordeaux and enjoying the French cuisine. I can´t help it but France is a piece of me. Being in France is so refreshing…

But being one week without Lisa and Ketsia was at the end « difficult ». I met there really good friends, had a great time, but something was missing (How can you not miss a lovely wife like Lisa and a little princess like Ketsia..ahahaha). A common proverb says « home is where the heart is ». I know where my earthly home is and it is by them. For the moment it is the Netherlands, in the green heart of Holland but who knows how long? I don’t – at the end we are just « foreigners and strangers on earth« .

If you are also an expat, I hope that you also know where your home is and make the better of your situation.

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