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« Regen bringt Segen » (« rain brings blessings ») or « Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux » (« rainy wedding, happy wedding »).

Do you remember the stormy engagement photoshoot of Marco and Anke?
Their wedding day was as dry and as warm as then. Rain almost all day but it did not bother them. Of course we could not make the planned photoshoot at the beach but we had fun and even met the Minister of Justice… This is good luck.

The rest of the day was also a success: beautiful ceremony in the old city hall of The Hague, great church ceremony, and a awesome dinner and evening in the harbour.

Marco and Anke, I wish you all the best and God’s blessings (I can testify, rain brings blessings… It even snew at mine).

And dear reader, enjoy the pictures and don’t hesitate to comment below and share the love,


– Location: Rootz Harbour
– Hair and Make-up: Sally-Jane
– Live painting: Maaikes Live Painting

Three years ago we where exactly at the same place…

Last days on intensive cares from sam rakoto on Vimeo.

Not so many things have changed there. We see old faces, a lot of old memories resurface, but still it is a new day, it is a new fight… and Ketsia is on the winning side.

The operation was a success: her valve could be repaired at 90% and the problems with the coronary arteries resolved.
Saturday night her blood pressure presented some singularities, so that Ketsia had to get an MRI yesterday.
The whole staff is confident. We are still waiting for the end result of that scan but nothing big has been spotted, so that step by step medication and artificial respiration could be reduced.

Now is Ketsia awake and breathing on her own. We may leave the Intensive-Care tomorrow and it was such a relief as we heard her little voice.

She is still tired and weak and there is still a long way until we could go home. But we are the Lord so thankful for the last days, and so thankful that « HE » cares.

Thank you also for reading this note and praying for us. Please pray:
– for a good end result of the MRI scan
– for the transfer to the normal station and a good recovery
– for Ketsia and her fears
– for us, especially for Lisa, who will stay at the hospital overnight with Ketsia

Sam and Lisa.

And here comes the third wedding of my crazy week. Just one to go!

Johannes is Lisa’s cousin and the best friend of Lisa’s brother. Lisa had the chance to make their engagement photos that they used for the program and the menu card.
Lisa started the day at Regina’s parents home while I (Sam) went to the boys. We headed then to the Martinskirche in Darmstadt, where a beautiful ceremony took place.
We spent the rest of the day in the nice location of Alte Kaserne, enjoying good music, ice cream, yummy meals and funny entertainments.

Johannes and Regina, we wish you all the best and God’s blessings. See you soon in Germany or in the Netherlands,

Sam and Lisa

Location: Alte Kaserne