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Henrieke en Harry – Rottemeren

Almost one year ago Harry became my 100th Facebook follower and won a couple shooting. It took quite a while to find the perfect date and place but earlier this year Henrieke wrote me an email to ask if we could make that shooting on their 2nd Wedding anniversary… That was last Saturday and trust me it was worth to wait for so long.
We first met at our place and then drove to the Rottemeren, a nice lake area just 10 min ride from our lovely house.

We had a lot of fun as you can see on the following pictures. Henrieke and Harry thank you very much for that great time, it was a pleasure to meet you and have you in front my lenses.

By the way dear readers, the next surprise come with 500 Facebook followers (more to know about it when the time comes).. Still 268 to go but who knows? With your help we could reach it very fast.
So feel free to share.
Thanks a lot,


Olga und Rudi – Eventstadl « Zur alten Säge Moosach »

The wedding season has just started for me, quite late and will be also quite short as my two princesses are keeping us really busy. New season, new things. This time I wanted to deliver you something special. I was sitting in the TU München, waiting for a friend, and was reviewing all the picture I took the day before on my 5d display. It´s always fun to see the whole film of the wedding, with the good pictures and the less good ones. It is the privilege that we photographer can enjoy but this time I wanted to share it with you: all the pictures directly imported from my camera without any edit.
13 hours and 21 minutes, between the first and the last pictures, filled with love and laughter. It’s hard working but it is totally worth because bride and groom put their trust in your eyes to grasp the spirit of the day. Then starts the second part of the job, where you have to take a lot of decisions (what touch to give to the pictures, delete it or keep it, black and white or color, published or not published) to eventually arrive to the final result. This is my work and I hope you enjoy it as mush as I do.

I know Olga and Rudi from my church in Munich. Olga actually arrived when I almost left but the few months we had in common were enough to be the start of a really fun friendship. As Olga and Rudi got engaged, Olga told me that she wanted me to take their wedding pictures. I was quite honored but was a little bit concerned because I knew that I could not be 100% sure because of our « Noémie to be ». Olga and Rudi were okay with that idea and I found it quite tough.

The wedding ceremony took place in Kircheseeon and the wedding cocktail and party in the lovely Eventstadl «Zur alten Säge Moosach» that you already know from Carolina’ and Stephan’s wedding. I love that place and would recommend it if you are looking for a nice location near Munich.

Thanks again Olga and Rudi for your trust, I wish you all the best and God´s blessings for your new adventure.
A special thanks also to my lovely wife Lisa who let me fly to Bavaria and for two days and thanks also to all my friends who helped my princesses while I was abroad.

LiSa Rakoto - As usual… amazing pics!! This is a great photographer, this is Sam. Love you!

Esti Re - Super Bilder! ! Super Brautpaar

Mihai Donos - :-)

No Bodo - Tena tsara be mihintsy; indrindra ilay sary 102 tena tiako, bravo mon fils