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Carol and Tore – Hotel Su Gologone

I was waiting for this wedding for two years and it was amazing.

I made two years ago Carol’s and Tore’s engagement pictures in Munich, which are for me ones of best.

Being at their wedding was such an honor, not just as photographer but more as a friend, because Carol and Tore are really great people.
This wedding was also exciting for Lisa: 4 days just the two of us on a wonderful island and having the chance to cover the getting ready of Carol in the morning, while I was with Tore.

From the church ceremony on, Lisa and I, were like free electrons as Carol and Tore booked our dear friends Nadia Meli and Eddy for the rest of the day.

That day was just wonderful and full of love and emotions.
Thanks again Carol and Tore for having us at your side during your big day. We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon in Munich, Holland or why not Sardinia again.

A special thanks to Nadia and Eddy for letting us walk along with you. As 3rd and 4th photographers we really like our pics but just cannot wait to see your magic.

Location: Hotel Su Gologone
Florist: Fiorista Rossano Idini Di Vacca Marina
Cake: Il Re Pasticceria

Bellissima Paola – Hotel Su Gologone

Sardinia is amazing. Lisa and I will definitely fly back there one day. The food, the landscapes, the people, so many reasons to organize a new trip (I posted on my facebook page some pics of our trip if you are curious).

During our stay at the Hotel Su Gologne, Lisa told me that she wanted to train shooting with the canon. She was quite nervous because she would be shooting the getting ready of the bride the following day (her first getting ready and she nailed it… stay tuned).

So during our so yummy lunch, I told Lisa to ask our very kind waitress, if she were in for a small photoshoot.
Paola accepted and the mini session was a blast for us all: stunning location, stunning model but the most important of this, making new friends.

Thanks again Paola and Giusy for your trust and your time.
And dear reader, the Hotel Su Gologone is the place to be if you are visiting Sardinia.

Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for the next post…

One playground – Two couples (2/2) Lidia und Daniel

After the Natalie’s and Alex’ session Lidia and Daniel joined us for a coffee to warm up before their session.

I also met Lidia during my Munich time. The funny thing is that I heard about her lovestory with Daniel the same day I met Alex in September. Besides having in common their wedding year and their wedding photographer Lidia and Natalie are also flatemates (still for a couples of weeks).

And to reinforce the « similarities » we took their pictures also in the Hofgarten – okay it was more for a logistic question. But this is where the magic happens. Even if you take the same location (I already did in the past e.g. here and here in Grenoble or here and here in the Netherlands), you still get uniques photos, because every couple is unique. As I tell my couple: I don’t really care about the location, but I do care about them. My pictures should be about them, and reflect their story, their love. I am training and will keep on training to be better at it.

I had a lot of fun to make Lidia’s and Daniel’s photos and seeing their complicity is something that make me happy. Their wedding will also have a special touch for me as their ceremony will take place in the same church Lisa and I got married.

Lidia and Daniel, thanks for your time.
Enjoy the pics and feel free to comment or share some love.