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A lovely mother-daughter morning

If you have read the last blog post, you already know Lisa that is exploring her photographer skills.
Last weekend I spontaneously decided to go to Munich in order to attend a « Candi gathering » with Carmen and Ingo, meet a lot of friends and have two lovely couples in front of my lenses (yes more posts are coming, so stay tuned).

As I travelled light (I had to take the bike to the airport, but it’s okay as we are almost Dutch now), I took the Sony alpha with me and let the big canon with Lisa.
During the week, we prepared together some ideas for a lovely mother-daughter photoshoot that Lisa would perform on her own.

Seeing now the result I must say that Lisa and her two beautiful models just rocked it. Even if she does not want to admit it, I think that Lisa is becoming a quite good skilled photographer and I’m so proud of her.

By the way if you are living in the Netherlands and would like to have a beauty session, a mother-child session and so on, don’t hesitate to model for Lisa. She will be glad to have you as model.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the pics and do not hesitate to comment to send some love to Lisa.

Kors en Henrieke – Lijm & Cultuur

It was time to go out of my winter sleep and to post something new on that blog…
Speaking of « new », Sécham is becoming a real team: my lovely wife, Lisa, has decided to gear up and try herself in the wonderful world of photography.
As every beginning needs tryouts, I asked our freshly engaged neighbours if they could model for us. They were as excited as we were and in top of that organised a great location: Lijm en Cultuur in Delft.

We had a really great time there, Lisa assisting me and having her own time with the two lovebirds. I hope, dear reader that you are also enjoying the result. Don’t hesitate to give us a feedback in the comments.

Thanks again Kors and Henrieke for your time and your patience with us.

Have a great week,


P.S.: as I said, beginnings need tryouts, so if you’re living in the area Moerkapelle/Den Haag and are interested in a photoshoot (engagement, portraits, pregnancy) Lisa still needs models to improve her skills.

David et Valérie – Les quais de l’Isère

Happy new year! I hope you had a nice Christmas and a great new year´s eve. I wish you all the best for 2015 and thank you for following my blog ;o).

Let us start this year with the engagement shooting of David and Valérie.
It was really nice to enjoy the winter sun of Grenoble with these two lovebirds. David is a talented musician, who can play among other instruments the hang drum (you can check his music here or here). Valérie is a lovely kindergarten teacher. The funny thing with her is that I did not realize at first that I already met her nine years ago. Indeed during my study in Toulouse I attended her church.

David and Valérie really liked the pictures I made for Ruben and Laëtitia and asked me to be their wedding photographer. After a couple of mails we decided to meet after Christmas in the « Quartier St Laurent ».

The photo session was full of laughters and it was a delight to have these two in front of my lenses. A special thanks to the Mont Rachais for letting us take pictures inside.

I’m really excited about the idea to meet David and Valérie on their wedding day because they are a great couple and I will be able meet old friends there.

But for now, enjoy the pics and if you like my work do not forget to follow me on facebook.
Have a blessed weekend,