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David et Valérie – Les quais de l’Isère

Happy new year! I hope you had a nice Christmas and a great new year´s eve. I wish you all the best for 2015 and thank you for following my blog ;o).

Let us start this year with the engagement shooting of David and Valérie.
It was really nice to enjoy the winter sun of Grenoble with these two lovebirds. David is a talented musician, who can play among other instruments the hang drum (you can check his music here or here). Valérie is a lovely kindergarten teacher. The funny thing with her is that I did not realize at first that I already met her nine years ago. Indeed during my study in Toulouse I attended her church.

David and Valérie really liked the pictures I made for Ruben and Laëtitia and asked me to be their wedding photographer. After a couple of mails we decided to meet after Christmas in the « Quartier St Laurent ».

The photo session was full of laughters and it was a delight to have these two in front of my lenses. A special thanks to the Mont Rachais for letting us take pictures inside.

I’m really excited about the idea to meet David and Valérie on their wedding day because they are a great couple and I will be able meet old friends there.

But for now, enjoy the pics and if you like my work do not forget to follow me on facebook.
Have a blessed weekend,


Chantal en Steven

It was about time to post something new here…

Last Friday I met Chantal en Steven, who were very kind to ride to my lovely town of Moerkapelle. They heard about me thanks Bertina (please check her brand new website), who thought « hmm Dutch people in love with France, it´s maybe something for Sam, the French guy living in the Netherlands ».

We talked about us, France and photography (Chantal is also a photographer, you can check her work here.) and it went so good that even if it was not planned in the first instance we ended the chat with a little engagement session.

It was also a small challenge for me as I decided to take the Sony Alpha 7 and my manual lenses (Loxia 50mm 2.0 and Nokton 35mm 1.4 for the curious among you) but soft evening light, a great couple and a lovely playground, all was set for a good result.

The good thing for my couples with a « Alpha7 session » is that I can edit a preview with vscocam and send it (or what´s app it) right away which means for you guys « almost no waiting time ». Yeah long live build-in wifi.

Enjoy the pics.