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Chantal en Steven – Le Mas d’en Haut

It’s weekend and it’s blogging time.

Three weeks ago I had the chance to enjoy Chantal’s and Steven’s lovely intimate wedding in France.

It was a new experience for me as I am used to bigger weddings. It was also funny to speak Dutch almost all the time in my home country.

Le Mas d’en Haut in Lussat is such a beautiful place to getting married.

All started on Thursday with a joyful dinner in the garden. On the next day, after their getting-ready, Chantal and Steven drove to the beautiful church from Evaux-les-bains, where the first look place and where a surprise was waiting for Steven, a beautiful white old 2cv.

Back to Lussat we headed to the Etang des Landes for a cheerful picnic, which was for Chantal’s and Steven’s guests the begin of a day full of emotions. I hope that the following pictures may give you a little impression of all the beautiful moments I had the chance to witness.

Chantal and Steven, I wish you all the best for your new adventure!

Location: Le Mas d’en Haut
Hair and Make-up : L’autre salon

A beautiful family in a beautiful city

Giuliana is one of my (Lisas) first friends I had in the Netherlands. Actually we knew each other even before I moved to the Netherlands. She helped me to surprise my (at that time) fiancé which is a very difficult issue because Sam realizes almost everything as he is a spy…
We met up quite regularly and our friendship grew, also because we became parents. Almost two weeks ago I had the chance to take pictures of Giuliana, Francisco and Irene. They are a beautiful family who lives in Leiden, a city close to our heart because our dear Ketsia was born there.
Enjoy and do not hesitate to comment or to share!

Henk en Nathanja – Sodafabriek Schiedam

It was dusty but we loved it…
For their engagement session Henk and Nathanja chose an old soda factory,the Sodafabriek Schiedam. It is a very interesting place where a lot of artists were or are still busy. It was also a quite challenging place to take photos but we really had a lot of fun.

Henk and Nathanja thank you for letting me discover this place and see you very soon.
Have a blessed week,