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Protégé : VBW 2014

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Playing with the Sony Alpha 7

I like my canon 5d mk II and my L lenses a lot but when I am just walking with Lisa and/or the kiddies the 5d becomes sometimes a little bit too much. After reading some photoblogs and watching some youtube videos I decided to buy a Sony Alpha 7 with a Voigtländer 35mm 1.4…. And I love it. I still have to get used to the electronic viewfinder and the manual focus.
The electronic viewfinder has the advantage that you can directly see the end result but has some drawbacks in low light. Manual focus is not a big deal as the focus peaking option helps you a lot.
I love the 35mm perspective on a full frame camera that is why I opted for the Voigtländer 35mm 1.4. The only thing that I really regret on that lens is the minimal focusing distance of 0.7m. With the Canon 35mm 1.4L you can come really near to your subject (0.3m) which gives you great close-up especially when you´re shooting portraits or some decoration details (an option would be the « Voigtlander close focus M Adapter » but I cannot find it yet in the Netherlands…).
Beside this small issue I found the pictures a little bit softer than the pics I shot with my canon 35mm and in back light the Voigtländer was subject to a lot of flare (but I did not use a hood).
But it´s okay as having 770g on my hands instead of 1630g for my personal and family pictures is a great feeling. Enjoy the pics and tell me what you think.
Have a nice week-end,

Karine et Yannick – Château du Passage

You’ve already met Karine and Yannick on my blog. It was here. I really enjoyed shooting this wedding: it was almost home for me, I met Laura and Greg, one of my bridal couple from last year with their baby boy (he is just so sweet…), and Karine and Yannick are great people (I think it’s the engineer things).

We started the day in the lovely city Hall of Seyssins and then headed to the Chateau du Passage for a open air ceremony, a tasty cocktail and really nice evening. The day was filled with a lot of emotions.

Thanks Karine and Yannick for your trust. I wish you all the best.

Location: Château du Passage
Catering: L’Aparté
Music group: Jazzxtet

So you´ve made it so far? If you like the pictures don’t hesitate to share them or to comment.
As a bonus you can find below all the pictures I delivered. I showed you last time all the pictures I took during a wedding. This time here you can have an idea of the amount of pictures you could get if you book me, have a idea of the colour/black and white ratio, and of course once again enjoy Karine´s and Yannick´s special day.

Have a blessed week,