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Mini session : 1 tree stump, 1 mom and 3 kids

My friend Gabrielle asked me if I could once take pictures of her boys she could use for their birthday parties. I surely accepted with pleasure. Yesterday I had to go to The Hague to pick up my new suit ,o). I asked Gabrielle if we could meet at the Paleistuin for a mini session. We kept it really simple: 25 minutes, 1 tree strump Gabrielle and the kids. It was short but filled with fun and laughters ,o)
Enjoy this mini session of a lovely mom with her 3 little sweeties.

Gabrielle Hamel-Berthier - Merci pour ces magnifiques photos! un moment bien sympa! :)

Mini session : Sarah at Paleistuin

Sarah and I are leaders in a christian summer camp. Last Saturday we had our first preparation meeting for this year. Sarah asked me a few months ago if I could take some photos of her. Last Saturday was just the perfect timing: we had great weather and I knew she may have time before the meeting. So I texted her. It was really spontaneous. We headed to Paleistuin in the Hague. It was quite a challenge to find a quiet spot with all the people in the park ;o) but we found it. I love the sphere of that park which is getting even better with all these spring flowers.

Sarah just rocked this mini session. I hope you like the pictures. Do not hesitate to let a comment.
Have a blessed week,


A baby belly walk

Last Saturday was women´s international day… My father-in-law used to offer flowers to his wife and all his daughters. I thought I would be nice to make something special with Lisa on that day. I propose her to have a late afternoon walk in our small town and make some pictures of her baby belly enjoying the last glimpses of the sun.
It was very nice to have a little bit of free time just the two of us (okay not really the two of us because our second wonder had a special place that time). Do not worry for Ketsia: she had a really nice time with her « papi » and « mamie » who are visiting us for a week.

You’ve already seen Lisa´s dress have in that post when Ketsia was still in the womb. Now you can compare the belly shapes. Seeing any difference? Boy or girl? We decided to let us surprise… Answer in a couple of weeks.

Have a nice week and enjoy the pictures.

Vero Happily - trop belleS (oui oui, je vote pour une petite fille:) ) Mille bisous

Sam Rakoto - Thank you for this amazing evening. Love you

LiSa Rakoto - Thank you for this amazing shoot – best photographer ever!! Love you ;-***