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A beautiful family in a beautiful city

Giuliana is one of my (Lisas) first friends I had in the Netherlands. Actually we knew each other even before I moved to the Netherlands. She helped me to surprise my (at that time) fiancé which is a very difficult issue because Sam realizes almost everything as he is a spy…
We met up quite regularly and our friendship grew, also because we became parents. Almost two weeks ago I had the chance to take pictures of Giuliana, Francisco and Irene. They are a beautiful family who lives in Leiden, a city close to our heart because our dear Ketsia was born there.
Enjoy and do not hesitate to comment or to share!

Henk en Nathanja – Sodafabriek Schiedam

It was dusty but we loved it…
For their engagement session Henk and Nathanja chose an old soda factory,the Sodafabriek Schiedam. It is a very interesting place where a lot of artists were or are still busy. It was also a quite challenging place to take photos but we really had a lot of fun.

Henk and Nathanja thank you for letting me discover this place and see you very soon.
Have a blessed week,


Some news from Mr. R and Mrs always R.

It has been a long time since our last personal post and so many things happened since that time.
You have already noticed that the « about » page of this blog has changed. Sécham is now a team as Lisa joined the photography world with some tests with Paola photoshoot, Carol’s and Tore’s wedding, Lidia’s and Daniel’s wedding and her last master piece, a family photoshoot that you have to see HERE !!

For the moment there is no question of rebranding Sécham. We will need a lot of wisdom for the coming months, years and are really thankful for your prayers. But for now, Sam will be more into weddings and couple while Lisa will be more into family and portraits sessions. But she will also be time to time my second shooter on weddings.
Therefore for weddings and couple photoshoots email Sam at sam@secham.org and if you are interested in portrait session, family or other wishes just contact Lisa at lisa@secham.org .

And what about the kids? The girls are doing really fine. Noémie is now 1 one year old and she is walking. We love our sweet little penguin from Madagascar.

Ketsia has really grown up little girl and proud big sister. She already builds complex sentences in German and French and also starts to speak Dutch. We are so blessed with this little wonder.

Have a blessed weekend.