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I am back…. I will deal with that story in a more personal post in the coming week, but yes I am back, which means that I am open to weddings this year but just for a few.
I’ll mostly do portraits shoots to collect money for the « Stichting Hartekind » which founds studies for children with heart congenital defect, as our oldest daughter Ketsia.
In a little bit of one year we manage to collect more that 1600€. This year we hope to reach the 3000€ so especially for my reader living in the Netherlands, do not hesitate to share the following link : https://www.geef.nl/actie/een-mooi-portret-voor-een-hartekind.

But let us come to the core of that post: Johannes and Jessica. When my brother-in-law ask us (Lisa and I) if we would accept to shoot their wedding, it was a long discussion at home. I loved shooting weddings, I loved having « in-love » people in front of my lens, but is it the good time to come back? Did I become a little bit rusty? I’ll let you judge…

The thing is I still love it. Johannes and Jessica are great people and we had a great time with them. Ketsia and Noémie cannot wait to have them visiting us again.
Because it was very cold outside we decided to do the photoshoot in the old glue factory Lijm&cultuur in Delft.
I love the place but I loved watching Johannes and Jessica more. Seeing « in-love » people cheers you up, cheers me up and makes making memories so easy…

If you like the pics, do not hesitate to comment and/or to share. I’ll be pleased to here some feedback after being away for a while.

Have a great week-end,
lots of love,


We are still on family oriented rehabilitation but this does not mean that I do not have time to shoot some pictures.
As Lisa and Noémie are feeling a little bit sick, I am spending a lot of time with Ketsia. And today we decided to have a mini session in the « Bauernstube » from the children clinic.
It was nice and quick experience that I may submit as an action for the other families: 10min, 1 chair, window light and nice souvenirs to bring back then home.
I hope you like the pics.
Have a nice week,


It was about time to give you some updates about us on the blog.
It has been 6 months since Ketsia’s last surgery. She is doing really good: she is full of energy, happier, wants to discover new things. She even learnt to ride a bike.

The last months have been a relief for Lisa and me. Seeing our Ketsia being able to run all day without any pain gives us a lot of joy.

Nevertheless we noticed that even if Ketsia was doing fine, we, as a family, haven’t totally recovered yet from Ketsia’s last stay in the hospital. That is why we decided to go on a family oriented rehabilitation in Germany.

The concept is quite simple: when a child is sick the whole family also suffers. That is why even if Ketsia is the patient Lisa, Noémie and I also have to follow some therapies (sports, exchanges groups, lecture…).

The whole program lasts four weeks in the Klinik Bad Oexen, which is among other things specialized in therapies for children with congenital heart disease.

Let us hope that after these four weeks, Lisa and I would have tank a lot of energy, Ketsia would be able to deal better with her fears and that we as family become more stronger though all the things we’ve been through.

See you in four weeks and thanks in advance for you thoughts and prayers,