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Stefan und Annette – Baunatal/Körle

This wedding was a real DIY-Wedding or should I call it a « family and friends affair »: make-up by a very good friend of the bride, who taught her everything herself, wedding cake by the postwoman, whose passion is baking, flowers and decoration by the former landlady of the bride, the music all day long played by friends and family and even the photos by Lisa and I, sister and brother-in-law of the bride.
So many passionate people, so many talents, all working together for a very special day: Stefan’s and Annette’s big day.

We all had a wonderful day full of emotions, laughters, beauty and good music. It all started at my in-law’s house where Lisa stayed with Annette for her getting-ready while I was making some pictures of the decoration and was on my way to the groom’s place. We headed then to Homberg, were the first-look and the photoshoot took place. A couple of hours later we attended a beautiful ceremony in the lovely church of Kirchbauna. We spent the rest of the day in the Berglandhalle Körle where a lot of surprises where waiting for everyone.

It was also a very special occasion for me, as I consider Annette like my sister since almost 4 years now and from that day on I also won a new brother.

Stefan and Annette, I wish you all the best and God’s blessings for this new adventure. Come visit us very soon and enjoy the pics,


Henk en Nathanja – Landgoed Twistvliet

You already know Henk and Nathanja from their engagement session in the old soda factory

and here comes their wedding in the beautiful location of Landgoed Twistvliet.

Before welcoming their day guests, Henk and Nathanja decided to have a picnic just the two of them in a pear orchard. What a good idea to start the day!
We were quite lucky with the weather. Despite some drops of rain we could enjoy an intimate civil ceremony and a church ceremony full of emotions outside. The day after the wedding the whole coast was under a heavy storm…

Henk and Nathanja, I wish you all the best! You’re always welcome in our home when you’re visiting your family in our little town.

Enjoy the pictures and have a blessed week,

Chantal en Steven – Le Mas d’en Haut

It’s weekend and it’s blogging time.

Three weeks ago I had the chance to enjoy Chantal’s and Steven’s lovely intimate wedding in France.

It was a new experience for me as I am used to bigger weddings. It was also funny to speak Dutch almost all the time in my home country.

Le Mas d’en Haut in Lussat is such a beautiful place to getting married.

All started on Thursday with a joyful dinner in the garden. On the next day, after their getting-ready, Chantal and Steven drove to the beautiful church from Evaux-les-bains, where the first look place and where a surprise was waiting for Steven, a beautiful white old 2cv.

Back to Lussat we headed to the Etang des Landes for a cheerful picnic, which was for Chantal’s and Steven’s guests the begin of a day full of emotions. I hope that the following pictures may give you a little impression of all the beautiful moments I had the chance to witness.

Chantal and Steven, I wish you all the best for your new adventure!

Location: Le Mas d’en Haut
Hair and Make-up : L’autre salon